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Bloom Box Energy [PPT]

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What is bloom energy:

Bloom Energy is the company that develops, builds, installs Bloom Energy Servers. The company, started in 2002 by CEO K.R. Sridhar, is one of 26 named a 2010 Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

In October 2001, Sridhar had a meeting with John Doerr from the large venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. Sridhar was asking for more than $100 million to start the company. Bloom Energy has received $400 million of start-up funding from venture capitalists, including Kleiner Perkins and Vinod Khosla.

Bloom Energy Server:

The Bloom Energy Server (commonly referred to as the Bloom Box) is a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) made by Emil Baur and his colleague H. Preis in the late 1950s. The SOFC uses liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons (such as gasoline, diesel or propane produced from fossil or bio sources) to generate electricity on the site where it will be used; Bloom Energy representatives assert that it is at least as efficient as a traditional large-scale coal power station. According to the company, a single cell (one 100 × 100 mm metal alloy plate between two ceramic layers) generates 25 watts.

Solid oxide fuel cell:

solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is an electrochemical conversion device that produces electricity directly from oxidizing a fuel. Fuel cells are characterized by their electrolyte material; the SOFC has a solid oxide or ceramic, electrolyte.

Get more information about Bloom Energy Server and Solid oxide fuel cell on Bloom Box Energy PowePoint.

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