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What is 5S:

5S is the name of a workplace organization methodology that uses a list of five Japanese words which are seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke. Transliterated or translated into English, they all start with the letter “S“. In English, there are 5 primary phases of 5S: sorting, straightening, systematic cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining.Phases of 5S:

  • Sorting (Seiri)

Eliminate all unnecessary tools, parts, and instructions. Go through all tools, materials, and so forth in the plant and work area. Essential items and eliminate what is not required, prioritizing things as per requirements and keeping them in easily-accessible places.

  • Straightening or setting in order / stabilize (Seiton)

There should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. The place for each item should be clearly labeled or demarcated. Items should be arranged in a manner that promotes efficient work flow. Workers should not have to bend repetitively to access materials.

  • Sweeping or shining or cleanliness / systematic cleaning (Seiso)

Keep the workplace tidy and organized. At the end of each shift, clean the work area and be sure everything is restored to its place. This makes it easy to know what goes where and ensures that everything is where it belongs. A key point is that maintaining cleanliness should be part of the daily work – not an occasional activity initiated when things get too messy.

  • Standardizing (Seiketsu)

Work practices should be consistent and standardized. All work stations should be identical. All employees should be able to work in any station doing the same job with the same tools that are in the same location in every station. Everyone should know exactly what his or her responsibilities are for adhering to the first 3 S’s.

  • Sustaining the discipline or self-discipline (Shitsuke)

Maintain and review standards. Once the previous 4 S’s have been established, they become the new way to operate. Maintain focus on this new way and do not allow a gradual decline back to the old ways. While thinking about the new way, also be thinking about yet better ways.

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